Am I Pregnant?

Am I pregnant? Well actually that is a really good question! I hear this so often, so I decided to come to your rescue with signs and symptoms of pregnancy during the waiting period before you can test and get an accurate result.
In addition to the basic signs, I am also going to list the signs and symptoms that I had before I found out I was pregnant. Here are the signs and symptoms.

. Have missed one or more periods.
. Have your period, but less feeling like you are going to start
. Headaches
. Indigestion
. Bloating and weight gain
. Breast tenderness or enlargement.
. Nausea or vomiting
. Gas
. Increased urination
. Hungry often
. Heightened sense of smell.
. Lower back pain.
. A really bad gag reflex when brushing teeth.
. A really bad itch on the bottom of feet.
. Mood swings
. Crying easily over the littlest things.
. Constipation
. Faintness and dizziness
. Raised basal body temperature
. Slight bleeding or cramping
. Hemorrhoids
. Insomnia/Difficulty sleeping
. Pelvic discomfort and pressure
. Nasal congestion and or nosebleeds
. Metallic taste ( Dysgeusia)
. Darkening of areolas (the skin around your nipples)
. Veins appearing on your breasts
. Increase in vaginal discharge
. Stretching of pelvic ligaments
. Just feeling pregnant ( womens intuition)
. A positive pregnancy test ( even if the line is faint)

** Please Note That All Women Are Different, So Not All Women Will Have Symptoms. Some Women Will Have Two Or More Symptoms, Others Will Have None At All. **


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