Do you want to know the sex of your baby?

Yes = 12 votes
No = 2 votes
We want to be surprised. = 2 votes

Which pregnant celeb said,? I'm holding so much water and I have a backside that
looks like a cauliflower?

Selma Hayek 7 votes
Kate Winslet 5 votes
Britney Spears 4 votes
Marcia Cross 3 votes
* The right answer is Kate Winslet.

************************************************************************************* Who do you think is the cutest celebrity baby?

Shiloh 41 votes
Suri 33 votes
Dannielynn 15 votes
Apple 4 votes
Which actress suffered with infertility?

Kate Hudson no votes
Halle Berry 3 votes
Julia Roberts 5 votes
Tori Spelling 1 vote
The answer is Julia Roberts.
How many babies are born every minute?

388 - 2 votes
469 - 2 votes
544 - 1 vote
247 - 3 votes * 247 is the right answer.
The water (amniotic fluid) surrounding the baby?

Is made by the placenta - 6 votes
Is made by the bag of water - no votes
Appears by magic - 2 votes
Comes from the abdomen - 2 votes
Is mostly baby urine - 3 votes (this is the right answer)


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